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Lomba Foto Astra 2014 SATU Indonesia


Lomba Foto Astra 2014 SATU Indonesia
Lomba Foto Astra 2014 SATU Indonesia
Astra Indonesia menyelenggarakan
Lomba Foto bagi jurnalis dan fotografer di indonesia.

Terms & Conditions of Lomba Foto Astra 2014 SATU Indonesia:

  1. The contestants are a citizen of Indonesia (WNI).
  2. All the images are the responsibility of the participants, including the use of the model and / or property. 
  3. Photo is the work itself and has never been published in the media or have not won in a similar race.
  4. For the category of journalists, participants were Indonesian journalist who worked in the local media, national, and foreign news agencies or freelance journalists working for print and electronic media across Indonesia.
  5. Committee Astra Photo Contest is free of the demands of property owners and / or models are included in the race Lomba Foto Astra 2014.
  6. Photos must be in digital format. Photo taken using a digital camera (DSLR, pocket, mirrorless). 
  7. Not allowed to take photos through wireless devices (cell phones, tablets, smartphones), negative scan, transparencies, or photographic prints.
    Photo collage and montage are not allowed. 
  8. Editing allowed only limited to color, contrast, dodging, burning, rotating and cropping.
    Winning photos will become the property of  PT Astra International Tbk and can be used for the publication of PT Astra International Tbk.
  9. Image capture maximum in the period 2010-2014.
  10. Contest period Lomba Foto Astra 2014: April 1 - July 31, 2014
  11. Photos must be in accordance with social norms and does not contain elements of violence, politics, pornography, insults or harassment of other racial backgrounds and personal.
  12. Each participant is only entitled to 1 (one) title.
  13. The decision of the jury is final and can not be contested. 
  14. Announcement of winners: 1 September 2014 on the web

Pengiriman Lomba Foto Astra 2014 SATU Indonesia

  1. Image size is less than 1.5 MB (at least 250 kb)
  2. JPG picture format (8bit)
  3. Minimum photo resolution of 100 dpi
  4. Maximum image size of 950 pixels (longest side)
  5. Maintaining metadata (EXIF)
  6. Supports Adobe RGB (1998) color profile
  7. 240-300dpi resolution photo
  8. File size photograph at least 2 MB
  9. Image size of at least 2400 pixels (longest side)
  10. Each participant that has included the photos into the Lomba Foto Astra 2014 will be contacted by the committee for the next administration.
  11. The uploaded photos must not be contained "watermark" or photo ID
  12. Photos sent in soft copy by uploading them on the microsite Astra Photo Contest
  13. Photos received no later than Thursday, July 31, 2014 at 23:59 pm
  14. Participants may upload as many photos and choose the five best photos to be included in the Lomba Foto Astra 2014 SATU Indonesia. Way switch on the upper right asterisk in your photo and click on the competition in the menu to your personal page to view photos you've marked.
  15.  The selected nominees from each category will be contacted by the organizers and participants must submit an original photo files (high resolution):
  16. Selected participants are required to submit further information via email to the committee in the form of ID card or other identification. Especially for participants from the category of journalists, shall transmit Press Identity Card valid.
  17. More info about Lomba Foto Astra 2014 SATU Indonesia visit


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